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Manhattan Rooftop Honey Flight

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Manhattan Rooftop Honey Flight - Great Jones x Bee Raw Honey

Bee Raw Honey is proud to support local, family-run apiaries that produce raw, unprocessed, bee-saving honey.


Our Honey Flight was born from a partnership with Bee Raw Honey to give you a taste of the sweet life Manhattan has to offer. The flight features raw & unprocessed honey produced from local, family-owned apiries. You'll also find a list of refreshing cocktail recipies to pair with each honey flavor.

Each flight includes four hand-corked 1-ounce vials, sealed in beeswax and packaged with a beautiful American Oak block in a ribbon-enclosed gift box.

Included in the Honey Flight:

  • Hell's Kitchen Rooftop Honey: It doesn't get more raw or real than Hell's Kitchen — home to cops, crooks, cooks and cabaret.
  • Central Park West Rooftop Honey: For intellectuals, artists, authors, and their kids.
  • The High Line Rooftop Honey: Where fashionistas and fabulistas mix with turistas.
  • Harlem Rooftop Honey: Where the soul of Manhattan meets its soundtrack.